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how many days do you need in paros?

Is Paros Island in your vacation plans? Wondering how many days do you need in Paros to explore it? Let us assist you with this dilemma and inform you about few aspects you should take into your consideration.

What you enjoy the most

First of all, you must think about what you enjoy the most as you travel during summer. Do you enjoy visiting beaches, attractions, are you a gastronomic traveller or something else? It is important to decide what might interest you due to the fact that it will determine how many days you will need in Paros.

For example, Paros Island is known about its numerous beaches. Therefore, if during your vacation you have a plan to visit all of them, you will need 30 days. That is if you visit two beaches in one day! As you can understand, it is reasonable to choose beaches before the visit and to have a plan.

Regarding attraction, Paros and Antiparos feature plenty of them. Just for your information, Antiparos Cave, Paros Park, Panagia Ekatontapiliani church, Butterfly Valley, Kolymbithres beach, Molos beach are a few examples. As you can see, both islands have natural attractions as well. So, regarding attractions you will need fewer days for your visit.

Of course during your vacation on Paros Island, you must not forget about activities. You should participate at least in one daily cruise on a traditional caique boat and try a water sport. Additionally, there are horseback riding centers, trekking and sailing associations. If you use one of our cars, we can find them on your behalf and arrange an activity.

In our opinion, the answer to “how many days do you need in Paros” is seven. We believe that this is an optimum number of days to combine everything a traveller is looking for on vacation.  


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