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Livadia beach is also known as the main beach of Parikia, the capital of Paros Island. And that is true! This amazing scenery is located in the large bay and it features Parikia view and amazing sunset view. If you are staying in other location than our capital, e.g. Naoussa, you will need a car to get there.

It is useful to know that Livadia lays 10 km away from Naoussa village and 27 km away from Aliki. Therefore, for some of our visitors it might seem away. As a result, they might not wish to visit it. However, we inspire everyone to enjoy Livadia beach. It is well organized, with sunbeds, umbrellas and watersport center. Furthermore, you can swim here while you enjoy the sunset.

Livadia Beach Paros

Livadia Beach Highlights 

Certainly, the most important highlight of Livadia beach Paros is its location. Because it is situated in the bay, it does not have waves. Therefore, it is suitable for families with small children. Furthermore, everything you might need, like a lunch or dinner, is within walking distance. Swimming or relaxing on the sunbed by sea during sunset, is another highlight of Livadia beach Paros. If you try this once, it will be hard not to do it again. Also, another important aspect of Livadia is that other two famous beaches can be found nearby; Martselo and Krios. You probably heard of them and that is why we mention it. You can reach them using your car or on foot, following the coastal path.

As parking is always an issue for every driver, you should know there is one on Livadia beach Paros. It is situated at the north end yet, you probably will be able to find some space before that. 


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