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Ενοικιαση αυτοκινητου παροσ


The office man to grant agressthe car to the hirer whose name and signature are in forward rage under the terms descibed below:

1. The hirer confirms the good condition of the car upon delivery.

2. The  hirer agrees to return the car in the same good condition,with all the tyres,tools and accessories at the date agreed by both parties. If the hirer keeps the car longer than 24 hours, he will be overcharged with the whole rent of the following day.

3. No other person is allowed to make use of the car except the hiper, who, when driving, could not be under the influence of alchool or drug.

4. The hirer agrees to conform to traffic rules and should not use the car for racing or contests of any sort, on rough ground or sandy areas, or on any other area which may damage the car or is fordidden by the Traffic Authorities.

5. In the case of whatever damage the hirer agrees to immobilire the car and inform the owner. If the hirer is responsible for the damage, he is obliged to pay the whole sum of money for the delays of the car until it gets  ready to be hired again. (Third party incurance).

6. The hirer declaires unreservedly that he can pay whatever debt to the office.

7. The hirer is notified that the car is insured for 1.220.00 euro for causing personal injuries to third parties and 1.220.00 euro for material damages.

However, the hirer is not covered for the following three causes.

a) If a passenger of the car has been injured as result of an accident caused by the hirer.

b) If the car has been involved in an accident while driven by a person other than the hirer.

8. Any misunderstandings or disagreements between the owner and the hirer will be under the jurisdiction of the Greek Legal Authorities.

9. The driver must be older than 23 years old and he should have had the driving license at least for a year.

10. The number of the passengers should not be exceed the number which the car’s licence writes. Afine will be imposed on the transgessors 200 euro for the supension’s and engine’s destruction. And the car will be subtracted.

11. In the case of damage and the hirer has mixed insurance, he is obliged to pay the first 500 euro for the car’s damage.