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Are you looking for information regarding Aliki beach in Paros? Did you know that actually Aliki, features three beaches? Of course the most interesting is the main sandy spot.

Aliki is a wonderful settlement on the south coast of our island, about 13 km away from Parikia. As it is famous for its small harbour and fish restaurants, it is visited by thousands of travellers every year. Due to the fact that Aliki is easy reachable, you can get there from anywhere in Paros, in less than 40 minutes. Each one of our cars can be used for this task. 

Like we mentioned above, Aliki beach is called the main sandy paradise in the center of the village. It stretches for about 300 meters and it features sunbeds, umbrellas as well as natural shade from few trees. You should also know that from here all restaurants and cafes are within walking distance. Therefore it is a perfect choice to be close to everything. As the main Aliki beach is situated in a bay, it is protected from the waves. Due to the combination of this fact, along with its sandy consistency, it is suitable for children.

Agios Nikolaos

Aliki Beach Paros

The second beach near Aliki, situated in the same bay, is called Agios Nikolaos. This is quite unspoiled location. Agios Nikolaos consists of combination of sand and pebbles. You will find natural shade here because there are few trees on the beach. Parking space should not be an issue here. You can use it even if you want to go to the main beach. It is important to know that you should have sufficient amount of water with you and maybe a snack. That is because you will not find a beach bar on Agios Nikolaos.

Piso Aliki

Aliki Beach Paros

As Agios Nikolaos is west of Aliki, the third beach is on its south-east side. It is called Piso Aliki and it lays about 600 meters away from the center of the village. This is an unspoiled beach as well, consisting mainly of pebbles. It attracts mainly local people who wish to relax away from the crowds. As there is a quite large open space here, parking will not be an issue. Due to its location, outside of Aliki bay, Piso Aliki beach is more exposed to the elements.  

No matter which Aliki beach you will choose to enjoy your swim, we inspire you to visit this settlement. It is popular for a reason and that is its beauty and traditional scenery. You will see many small fishing boats docked in the bay, while you enjoy the most delicious seafood.  Of course, after lunch or dinner, you can stay longer for a coffee or desert. Ask us regarding Aliki beach while renting one of our vehicles anywhere on Paros Island. 


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