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what is the best area to stay in paros?

What is the best area to stay in Paros is not an easy question. Paros features so many settlements, not just on its coastline but in the inland as well. Therefore, the answer to this question is totally subjective.

What is the best area to stay in Paros for nightlife?

The heart of the nightlife in Paros beats in Naoussa and in Parikia. However, Naoussa keeps the lead. Most of the nightclubs are situated in this village. Of course, countless cocktail bars among the alleys and in the famous port are hosting thousands of people every night. On the other hand, there is Parikia, the capital of Paros. This settlement is a little bit quieter than Naoussa. However, this does not mean that nightlife is not vibrant here. Parikia features many cocktail bars among the alleys as well as on the coastal road.

It is useful to know that other settlements of Paros like Piso Livadi features nightlife as well. You should visit them however we cannot say that nightlife should be a factor regarding your stay. These two locations are considered as relaxing and quiet settlements.

What is the best area to stay in Paros for beaches?

The answer here is simple: any location! Paros Island is blest with many famous beaches on the north, south, west and east coast. However, let us break it down for you. If you are visiting only for few days and you wish to visit Kolymbithres Beach, Santa Maria Beach and Golden Beach, than you should choose Naoussa for your stay. Due to the fact Naoussa is near Kolymbithres and Santa Maria, you can visit them in one day. Golden Beach is a little bit further but closer than from Parikia.

The second “block” of famous beaches is situated in Parikia Bay. We are referring to Martselo Beach, Krios and of course Livadia. Regarding the first two beaches, you will enjoy on them powdery sand and Parikia for a view. On the other hand, from Livadia beach, you will swim with sunset view.

Additionally, if you wish to swim with traditional Cycladic scenery among caique boats, you can choose Aliki village for your stay. However, if you love an unspoiled environment, we suggest choosing an accommodation on the east coast of Paros.

What is the best area to stay in Paros for sunset view?

The most impressive sunsets in Paros can be seen from the area of Parikia and of course from the northwest side of the island. However, since we are talking about areas to stay at, we suggest Parikia; just do not forget to choose the right hotel. Yet, you should know that sunsets seen from Naoussa are charming as well. It would probably be best if you would not miss sunset hour in Naoussa at least once.         

What is the best area to stay in Paros for cuisine?

To that question the answer is everywhere. Due to the fact that every corner of Paros Island features taverns and restaurants, you will not need to look. Additionally the seafood is fresh everywhere, fished on a daily basis by local fishermen. You should know that you can dine in the inland villages as well. You will taste traditional family recipes generations old there.

We hope that our article was helpful enough, in order for you to decide what is the best area to stay in Paros, specifically for you. Of course, you can get to any area of Paros using one of our cars.


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