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Venetian fortress Νaoussa

Venetian fortress Νaoussa

Venetian fortress in Naoussa is one of the most iconic attractions of the village, as well as of Cyclades. This fortress was built in 14th century by the Venetians and it was renovated in 15th century by Sommaripa family. This was a family that dominated on Paros Island until 1517.

Unfortunately a part Venetian fortress today is submerged, however the remaining structure is picturesque and impressive. Additionally, it is most frequently photographed sight in Paros. Our fortress is open to crowds 24/7. You can visit it during day and night. Of course, we suggest you go there both times as during night you will have the charm of Naoussa’ lights in front of you. Just be more careful.

To reach it, you will have to walk on a small wall, which you see on the picture. It is important to know that when it is windy, you might get went. Waves break just few meters from the wall so droplets are scattered. It is safe most of the time, but you have to take this under your consideration.
After visiting Venetian fortress in Naoussa, you can dine in one of the restaurant in the port or have a coffee. If you are not staying in Naoussa, you should know that it is easy reachable by one of our cars. No matter where your accommodation is in Paros, we suggest that you visit this wonderful place.


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