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Piperi beach in Paros is not a famous one. However, it is one of the main beaches of Naoussa village. It is situated 9km away from Parikia and on the west side of Naoussa. If you are staying in this village, you probably can reach it on foot. Although, during hot summer day, it would be best if you took your rented car. Piperi could have many visitors during midday, because it is so easy to reach. However, we cannot say that it is getting crowded due to its size. The beach is not organized but you will see few sunbeds and umbrellas that belong to hotels. There are trees on the beach that offer natural shade. You can use them to protect yourself from the sun.

Piperi Beach Paros

As you will have to park above the beach and walk down few stairs, you should take supplies with you. Take a sufficient amount of water and some snacks, just so you won’t need to walk the stairs up and down. It is useful for you to know that, the famous picturesque port of Naoussa is within walking distance from Piperi beach. Therefore, you can enjoy your lunch or dinner there. Additionally, during full season, you might leave your car on the beach and walk to Naoussa. That is due to the fact that, you might not find parking space closer to the port. Another important information regarding Piperi is that during days with strong north winds it has waves. Therefore you might choose another location in Naoussa Bay.      


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