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Paros Products

Greece is known for its unique products. Across the country, you will find varieties of pretty much everything that Mediterranean climate can give. Having that in mind, Cyclades have developed their own varieties of wine, honey, cheese etc. If you are looking to acquire some Paros products during your stay, then this article will be useful to you.


Paros products are made with passion by local farmers and breeder, using exclusively local raw materials. Let’s start with the wine. First of all, there is the well-known Moraitis Winery. It produces a large variety of wine to satisfy every palate. Therefore, if you wish to buy it for someone back home, you can try it first in a restaurant. Additionally, you can participate in wine tasking experience in its winery, in Naoussa village.

The second winery is Asteras Winery. In this case as well you can taste it at a restaurant or buy a bottle in a tourism shop or super market. A bottle of wine is one of the top Paros products to buy as a gift. It is useful to know that many families in Paros develop their own wine. Therefore, if you are in a restaurant or a tavern, ask if there is a home-made wine available.

On the list with Paros products, our varieties of cheese could not miss. You must try Touloumisio, Anthotyro, Ladotyri, Xinomizithra and Graviera during your vacation. Also, one of the rarest is Krasotiri, a combination of cheese and wine.


Another one of top Paros products is honey. It is as well, a nice gift to bring back home. As the production is limited and it depends highly on Mother Nature, it could be hard to find. However, if you are visiting Paros in August, you might be lucky enough to get some. The honey is not just one. Therefore, you can acquire few varieties.

You can just imagine how delicious our cuisine is, considering that Paros products are used in cooking. Therefore, you must visit restaurants and taverns located in small villages as well, using our cars.   


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