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Are you looking for up to date information about Marpissa Paros? Here, you will find interesting tips regarding Marpissa village. You will see that it is worth a visit, even if it is only for few minutes. You can reach it comfortably, using one of our cars.

Location of Marpissa Paros

Situated on the west coast of the Island, Marpissa Paros is a typical Cycladic village. Beautiful with white houses and variety of colors, it is located 11 km away from Naoussa and 16 km away from Parikia. Therefore, it is reachable within few minutes from these main locations. Since our island is not that big, you can get to Marpissa Paros from anywhere quickly. Additionally, this village has some interesting sights nearby. Kefalos Hill with St. Nikolaos Monastery on top of it, Molos beach and Kalogeros beach are the most well-known. Due to the fact that Piso Livadi is less than 5 minutes away, we suggest you visit it too. For the reason that it is a beautiful coastal settlement with restaurants by the sea, it is worth your time.

Inside Marpissa Paros 

Many houses of Marpissa village date as far back as 16th century. Therefore, you can understand the role of this place in the history of Paros. The architecture today is exactly what you expect from a traditional settlement. Picturesque alleys, white houses with colourful windows and warm people. Similarly to other locations, Marpissa features its own attractions. You can visit the Folklore Museum as well as the sculpture exhibition of Nikos Perantinos. The church which you probably saw in many pictures of the village is called Kimisis Theotokou. Due to the fact that there are more than 10 chapels in Marpissa, this settlement is visited by many Religious Tourism enthusiasts. Because of its size, the village has many local inhabitants. Therefore, you will find few taverns here, traditional cafes, as well as modern bakeries. During last 3 days of August, a huge festival is organized in the village, known as “Roads of Marpissa”. 


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