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How to get to Antiparos from Paros

Looking for information how to get to Antiparos from Paros? It is not as hard as someone might think especially if you have one of our cars.

Let’s suppose that you booked your stay in Antiparos. Initially, you will arrive in Parikia. This is the capital of Paros and therefore, it is the location of main port. You can rent one of our cars and without any further delay start driving to Punda port. You should not confuse it with Punda Beach, which is situated on the east coast of Paros. We are talking about the port on the west coast of Paros. We will show you on the map the correct location. From here you will board a small ferry and after about 15 minutes you will be in Antiparos. The distance from Parikia to Punda is about 8 km. Therefore, since it is so close, getting to Antiparos from Paros is easy.

Quick Visit to Antiparos

You might be wondering how to get to Antiparos from Paros, for a quick visit. You can use the same route described above, using one of our cars. However, it is useful to know that you can take a small boat from Parikia. It will take longer to reach Antiparos yet it is a kind of adventure. Boats departing from Parikia do not carry vehicles. In case you are wondering how you will get to Antiparos Cave from its port if you do not have a car, you should know that there are buses. They will take you to this wonder of nature.    

Of course, if you have any questions regarding your trip to Antiparos from Paros, you can ask us when renting your car.


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