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If you are planning to rent a car in Paros, which type of vehicle should you choose? It all comes down to 3 things actually: how many of you are, do you prefer automatic transmission or not and your taste. It this article we will analyse these aspects.

For How Many People

How to choose a car in Paros

This is an easy one. Due to the fact that usually people travel with their significant other or with their family which does not exceed 4 people, you will choose a regular car. Of course, this changes if you have booked a villa. Travellers who chose this type of accommodation usually travel with group of friends or their whole family. Therefore, you might need two cars or one Fiat Doblo. This might be more comfortable choice and less pricy as well. Additionally, you should take under your consideration the fact of driving two cars somewhere, instead of one.

What Transmission You Prefer

For many years now, people around the world prefer to have automatic transmission in their cars. That is why Stefanos Car Rental features automatic cars as well. However, you should know that, this category is quite popular. Therefore, we suggest you book it few months before your arrival on Paros Island.

It is important to point out that, you will not have issue driving a car with manual transmission, even if you have an automatic one back home. Thousands of tourists every year manage it without any problems.

Your Taste

What kind of car you like to drive? SUV, convertible or a simple one? This is another aspect that you might consider. Fortunately, in Stefanos Car Rental we have all the above categories. Additionally, in is important to know that roads on Paros Island are in excellent condition. However, you might want to reach secluded places and therefore, SUV could be the best choice for you.

An additional aspect is the price of each car category. We suggest you take a look at them, in order to make the best decision for your vacation.




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