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Driving in Paros

Looking for useful information and tips regarding driving in Paros? You will find few of them in this article.

Driving in Paros

Driving in Paros is a treat. If you are living in big city where traffic is a daily issue, you will enjoy driving here. Just imagine driving one of our cars with sea view on one side and white houses on the other. Due to the fact that, the main road of Paros is built around the island, this is always the case.

Driving in Paros

You should remember the above information regarding the main road. This will be useful to your navigation and GPS settings. However, there is another, secondary road running through the middle of Paros. It leads from Parikia to Lefkes village and from there to the coastal road on the other side of the island. Since you probably will visit Lefkes using one of our cars or scooters, you should know something about this road. There are few hazards here, as it features steep turns without good visibility. The key here is to drive within speed limits and avoid overtaking other cars. Of course, the same rule applies to the other roads as well. You should also remember to look few hundred meters forward. A bus might be driving to opposite direction and therefore, you might to slow down even further.

When you will be driving in Paros in order to reach one of our beaches, you might be deviated to a dirt road. It is important to remember that most of them are two way roads. Therefore, drive slowly, especially when there are turns with limited visibility.

Driving in Paros during night

Regarding driving in Paros during night, we would like to point out two things. First of all, do not forget to switch lights when a car is approaching from the opposite direction. Secondly, be aware of the wild life that you might encounter like rabbits or maybe cats.

Additionally, we would like to add a tip regarding driving on a rainy day. You should not forget that there are mountains and hills on Paros Island. Therefore, you might encounter few water concentrations in some spots.


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