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Which is the best time to visit Paros Island? Well… it really depends on what you are looking for and what your interests are. Few aspects change depending on the season on our island. Of course the most important is the weather!

Spring in Paros

This is a nice time to enjoy few days in Paros. The scenery on our island is quite unique. Landscape, plains and mountains are covered with grass and therefore, no matter where you look, you see green scenery.


Most of tourists from abroad, start arriving on Paros Island in April. This is the best time to visit Paros if you are nature enthusiasts. The weather is almost perfect; with temperature around 20 degrees Celsius and therefore you can enjoy trekking. There are several paths surrounded by nature which you can cross. Some people even attempt to swim in April. This is quite an experience because all beaches on Paros are not yet organized with sunbeds and umbrellas. Therefore, this is another thrill for nature lovers.  

In May, Paros Island is fully ready to welcome thousands of guests from around the world. The temperature is usually high and there is hardly a rain fall. May is a suitable season for exploring all the attractions of our island, using one of our cars. Paros is a popular destination for May, but there is less traffic than in full season. Therefore, driving is a delight. Additionally, hotels and villas are at lower price. Another important information is that you can enjoy the sea, because the weather allows it. Let’s not forget that during spring you can enjoy Easter time. Therefore, this is the best time to visit Paros and see our traditions.   

Summer in Paros

This is the best time to visit Paros, if you like to enjoy everything that our island has to offer to its visitors. All the beaches and famous beach bars are operating; all restaurants and bars are open. Small villages are very much “alive” and welcoming tourist all day long. Summer is also the best time to visit Paros if you are into windsurfing or kite surfing. During this period, winds called Meltemia are providing amazing conditions to athletes from around the world. You can use one of our cars to reach “Kite beach” or Golden Beach, which are known for these water sports.


As the temperature is high during summer, it is quite easy to dive in any beach of Paros. As our island features many coastal villages, you will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious seafood, just few steps from the sea. This also is the best time to visit Paros, because during summer, there are many local festivals organized. Therefore you will have the chance to see our “summer time” traditions.  

Autumn in Paros

Autumn is the best time to visit Paros just for relaxation… The number of visitors is much smaller, the weather is great and the sea is still warm. You can do everything during this period, like sightseeing, enjoying our cuisine by the sea and enjoy nature. Of course, the landscape is not greenish like in April or May and winds are not that much in favour for windsurfing. Yet, you will have a nice time, as almost everything is operating like during summer. Therefore, you can visit Paros even in late October. Additional bonus is that accommodation prices are lower than during full season.



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